Friday, March 15, 2013

Extreme Makeover

Today's Daily Banter column takes a look at the decision that completes and sets in stone MSNBC's transition from Bush-era center-left opposition to Obama-era full-throated intellectual liberalism.

Here's the opening shot:

"Call it one hell of a shot across the cable news bow. In the span of just 24-hours MSNBC has made it perfectly clear exactly what kind of network it wants to be. The outraged populist with the combative tone, force-of-nature personality and tendency to let his constantly running mouth get him into trouble is gone. In his place will now be a cerebral, wonkish, self-described facts-and-figures nerd who couldn’t fit the traditional conservative cliché of an elitist left-wing weenie more if he wore a bow tie and had pure New England ivy growing out of his ass. Both are liberals, but the kind of liberals they are — at least in presentation and tenor — are light years apart. And MSNBC has chosen not only which person it wants but what message it wants to send in its highest-profile spot, cementing a line-up that officially marks the self-coronation of the network as an unapologetically intellectual powerhouse of liberal politics, for better or for worse."

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