Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Endless Drone

Today's Daily Banter column cuts to the chase on the subject of Glenn Greenwald, David Sirota, Rand Paul, and, of course, drones.

Here's the opening shot:

"This has been alluded to a couple of times here over the past two days, mostly by the always thoughtful and analytical Bob Cesca, but as usual I’ll be the one to dispense with all the pleasantries and just come right out and say it: Fuck Glenn Greenwald and David Sirota. Fuck them because their opinions don’t deserve to be taken the least bit seriously. Their supposedly bottomless reservoir of intellectual honesty is really puddle-deep and, in fact, they’re nothing more than what their fiercest critics have always accused them of being: sanctimonious jokes who pretend to be dedicated, indignant fighters of all manner of civil liberties injustices when in reality they’ve bequeathed to themselves wide latitude to choose which sins to prosecute and which to forgive or overlook completely. They don’t care about all affronts by authority to your civil rights. They only care about the select few they’ve chosen to plant their flag in and dig deep on and if their slavish devotion to those signature issues happens to force them into a position of defending a set of civil rights offenses they care less about but which are in the grand scheme no less awful, then so be it."

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Mart said...

Rand Paul is OK with drones. The drones killing browns over there are fine. He just wanted to make sure his boys in the Kentucky militia are safe. My problem with drones is I feel their use is illegal (are we at war with Yemen?) and do more public relations harm, than ridding the world of bad guys good. When I'm overseas they play plenty of tape of body parts strewn in rubble after a drone attack. We don't get much of that here.

I do think Greenwald has at least one thing right about liberals; when Bush did it it was pure evil, when Obama does about the same thing it is the best a good man can do given bad circumstances.