Friday, March 08, 2013

Comment of the Day

In response to my Daily Banter piece on the dethroned Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King, which was cross-posted over at the Huffington Post: (Remember, the title of the column was "Today, We Are All Beauty Pageant Winners Who Did Amateur Porn.")

"No, we are not all beauty pageant winners or amateur porn performers.

Some of us are doctors, lawyers, scientists, chefs, teachers, physical therapists, veterinarians and pilots. Some of us chose to rely on our brains and skills to make our way in the world instead of trading on our youth and beauty and sexual appeal to horndog men. We knew better than to do porn for money.

Sorry, but anyone who does porn has no business in any role where girls are expected to look up to them or where they will be role models for girl children.

Men like you are behind the destruction of girls and women's lives, men like you who consume porn and who think that girls exist for your sexual arousal, titillation and gratification, men like you who want porn for masturbatory material, men like you who want prostitutes available to service you. Porn is prostitution, it is having sex for money. that is prostitution, and you are perfectly happy to turn our daughters into prostitutes because your heart and soul are too calicified and depraved to know that love and sex are sacred gifts not meant to be exploited by crass capitalism. Men like you reduce women to objects here to service men and their programed misogynistic and patriarchal sexual desires.

No, we women are not all beauty pageant winners or porn performers. But it is looking like most men are pornheads who view women as nothing but objects and body parts. Blame yourself."

Mere words can't express how much I love the HuffPost peanut gallery. It's where the ability to know a joke when you see one goes to die.

By the way, the screen-name of the commenter?



Lindsay Noonan said...

Chez, I had no idea you were the cause of the destruction of womankind. I always assumed that it might have more to do with the fact that we have a Congress that doesn't believe women deserve basic things like equal pay for equal work and access to reproductive healthcare and a society that does nothing to make sure that those victimized at a young age receive the mental support they need. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's the smartass blogger who watches porn and not the situation that put at least some of those girls in front of the camera in the first place.

Chez said...

In the immortal words of Bullwinkle -- don't know my own strength. I just can't get over the fact that she based her entire screed off of the headline, which was obviously satire.

Fred Teifeld said...

Obviously you left out the part where you've been standing over these vacuous morons holding a gun to their heads, forcing them to put themselves out there like that.

Shame on you, Chez.

Now please go find us some more porn.

JohnF said...

Reading the whole article would have been too much like work, especially when she obviously has that screed loaded in the chamber and ready to fly at a moment's notice.

I have a theory (big surprise):
People, especially hardcore social warriors, hate having their outrage defused. I mean, they hate a whole host of other things, but they really hate having their pent-up outrage defused just when it was ready to be unleashed. Anyone who took the time to read your piece on Melissa King would find a nuanced piece, with nary a hint of sexism or misogyny to be found. But the HEADLINE! Your ironic, referential headline that evoked everything from "We Are Marchall" to "I am Malcolm X" to other stuff I don't even remember, that's what she reacted to. That's all Whalepeace needed to see to know you were part of the problem.

I think that's pretty much the same thing that happened with the "We Saw Your Boobs" song. So many people had already geared themselves up to hate MacFarlane's hosting, just on principle, they missed the fact that he was mocking himself. Many of those most critical of the song will admit that they didn't actually watch it (because cool people don't own television sets, remember), and are only reacting to what they've read about it.

Even after having the joke and the context explained to them, no one will back down. Because the outrage engine is already firing on all cylinders, and they have IMPORTANT WORDS to say about sexism, privilege, and "mansplaining." When your words are that important and profound, the last thing you want to do is say "oh, my bad. I see now that he was actually mocking the sexism of the industry, not endorsing it." Because where's the fun in that? Where's the 1000-word manifesto going to go?

No one's going to say that, no one's going to admit there's no actual argument to be had this time, because that's not what the internet is about. We live in an age when nothing is more important than MY FEELINGS. Regardless of whether or not the situation warrants it.

MexiGabacho said...

I find her paragraph about masturbating, sexual arousal, servicing me, consuming porn, etc... a real turn-on. The more she wrote, the more ..... I'm kinda horny now.

alopecia said...

Two consecutive sentences from Whalepeace's furious screed:

"No, we women are not all beauty pageant winners or porn performers."

= Don't stereotype women!

"But it is looking like most men are pornheads who view women as nothing but objects and body parts."

= Let's stereotype men, instead!

Poor irony, to have died such a terrible death.

kanye said...

I'm guessing Whalepeace is a big Naevia fan.

You know who gets that reference? Men like you!

namron said...

Whalepeace: And your point is . . .?

JohnF said...


"We Are Marshall" not Marchall.

Claude Weaver said...

The thing that gets me is that while she is blaming men and particularly you (and I would think that single-handedly creating the porn industry and all misogyny inherent within would have showed up somewhere in Dead Star Twilight) for hurting and abusing women, she is showing her own misogyny and hatred for women that don't fit into her particular idea of what "good" women do.

This part here is what I mean:

Some of us chose to rely on our brains and skills to make our way in the world instead of trading on our youth and beauty and sexual appeal to horndog men. We knew better than to do porn for money.

Wow. Just, wow. The venom is just dripping from those words. She really wants is clear that while she may hate the men who take advantage of these women, she certainly does not see herself as anything like them. There is no empathy there, no sisterly solidarity. She considers them dumb sluts that didn't know better, rather than individuals that had many and varied reason to be where they were.

I really hate the concept of "haters" and envy-based criticism, because it is too often used as ascapegoat for people to avoid honest questions about their work, but this "Whalepeace" person (and it could be a troll) seems like she is honest-to-God jealous. She really doesn't appreciate the idea that men might find a woman taking her clothes off appealing.

I'm closing this out, because this comment is getting longer than the post right now. Point is, this person really needs some goddamn perspective.