Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bend Over

A special Sunday column for the Daily Banter takes aim at NBC's inexcusable decision to air an interview with Jerry Sandusky on tomorrow morning's Today show. An interview like this would normally be questionable, but the details of this particular interview make it completely outrageous for a responsible news organization to get anywhere near.

Here's the opening shot:

"I was going to save this for tomorrow’s column and actually may still have something to say about it after the segment in question airs in the morning. But in the desperate hope that somebody at NBC News might listen and put the brakes on what could very well be the biggest betrayal of its journalistic integrity since its repugnant and indefensible decision to air the Virginia Tech Killer’s posthumous manifesto, I figure it’s worth at least getting this into the ether.

You can’t do this, NBC. You just can’t do this."

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Drew said...

What would NBC hope to gain by this? It seems to me that with waning ratings of Today that airing an interview with a convicted child rapist would turn off more viewers. Add to that interviewing a sympathizer for a man that tried to cover up the raping would pretty much dump them into a near inescapable black hole (no pun intended).