Monday, February 25, 2013

The King of Comedy

It's been a while since I've bothered to bring up Glenn Greenwald but this is simply too good to pass up.

Ben over at the Daily Banter has posted definitive proof of Greenwald's complete lack of anything approaching a sense of humor. It comes during an exchange in the comment section of Greenwald's piece today in which he practically climaxes all over himself at the fact that Zero Dark Thirty didn't win an Oscar in any of the major categories last night, which he of course sees as an indictment of the film's treatment of the subject of torture and its supposed lionizing of the CIA. (Greenwald hilariously calls Oscar night a "bad evening" for the CIA, apparently failing to grasp that Best Picture-winner Argo was basically a love letter to the agency.)

Anyway, Greenwald can't help but crow about how he was right -- as he always is -- and the movie critics who raved about Zero Dark Thirty were wrong. And that's when a few commenters have their way with him -- and his response to them is truly priceless.

The Daily Banter: Glenn Greenwald Literally Has No Sense of Humor Whatsoever/2.25.13

I love it when Greenwald proves what an insufferable little cunt he is. And no, unlike with the Onion tweet, that crack wasn't aimed at us -- it was aimed squarely at Greenwald.


JohnF said...

GG's such a humorless prick it's not even worth trolling him.

Michael said...

I kind of hate his face.

Marc McKenzie said...

"...he practically climaxes all over himself..." Too funny--I damned near spat out my hot chocolate laughing..

And as JohnF said, GG is a humorless prick.