Friday, February 08, 2013

Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

Today's column for the Daily Banter takes on a topic that I've written about many times and which was brought up again on this week's podcast.

Here's the opening shot:

"I’ve said this sort of thing before many times. Matt Taibbi’s said it. David Cross does an entire bit about it. But no matter how often it’s repeated, there are still those out there on the left who live in their own little epistemic bubble and don’t seem to get something: the 60s are over and continuing to protest like it’s 1967 will get you absolutely nowhere in the year 2013. Yes, it’ll grab you a little attention, but ultimately not the kind you want. It’s an ineffective model of activism in the new millennium and the predisposition to fall back on it needs to be shelved once and for all."

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flurm said...

I kind of get what you're trying to say in the column but at the same time, knowing other pieces you've written on the subject of military drones, it seems like a very dismissive column. Most of the anti-war movement has dried up in the U.S. (largely because George Bush timed out) and I think that non-violent methods of protest should be picked apart only if they're seriously out of line. Characterizing this as "self-defeating liberals" doesn't seem like much more than a slight, and unfortunately something that seems to be slowly becoming a meme on this blog, in addition to Mr. Cesca's.

Chez said...

It's not a meme -- it's a view I've voiced semi-regularly almost since the very beginning of this site. I'm not a fan of either political extreme and I've made that very clear. Code Pink is a generally comical organization and while some of what it preaches is noble the way it goes about trying to achieve its ends is usually ineffective and silly.

Matt said...

I don't know what it is, but there is something so cliched about the women in the image here and in the post for the After Party. They somehow remind me of the ivory tower "feminist" professors I encountered in college.

Jester said...

Yes. Obviously the way to protest this in 2013 is to buy a radio-controlled helicopter, fit a USB video camera to it, fly it to Diane Feinstein's window, film her doing private things for about 30 minutes, super-impose some cross-hairs over her face, and then post the resulting video on Youtube using the account-name yesdr0nen0pr1vacy.