Friday, February 22, 2013

Now Barely Conscious

A couple of weeks ago, New York Magazine's Vulture section published a pretty good little piece asking whether NBC had passed the point of no return when it comes to ratings. The gist of it was that with all the damage Jeff Zucker, Ben Silverman and the rest of the staggeringly incompetent NBC entertainment brass did during the first decade of the new millennium, not just programming failure after failure but ignoring shows that could have been nurtured into a solid foundation for the network, NBC may not ever be able to fully recover.

Now it's true that the TV business is much like the movie business in the sense that, as William Goldman famously said, nobody knows nothin'. But it's not crazy to look at the massive shift in viewing habits and the growing dominance of cable, subscription and DVRd TV entertainment and understand that clawing its way back to the light might not just be difficult for NBC -- it may be damn near impossible. Things are only going to get worse the the major broadcast networks, and NBC is now so deep in the hole that it may never be able to fully get out and stay out.

The Vulture article starts with this line: "It's impossible to exaggerate just how bad a 2013 NBC is having."

That was two weeks ago.

And NBC's year just got much, much worse.

Read it and weep.

The Huffington Post: NBC Falls To Fifth Place, Behind Univision/2.21.13


Stephen said...

Sigh. Any non-union directing gigs out there?

Mary Elizabeth said...

Was it just two years ago that Up All Night was actually just a really cute, sly sitcom starring three of most adorable people in TV?