Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Listening Post

Morrissey was always a miserable prick and the worst thing about the Smiths. Sorry, but it's true. Johnny Marr, on the other hand, is brilliant and remains the only truly great thing about the Smiths and is certainly what elevated the band from the boring-as-hell bunch of nothings they would have been from start-to-finish to what they became on their best songs.

Here's Marr's new solo single, The Messenger.

By the way, I'm in transit today so there won't even be a Banter piece from me. Going to meet up with Cesca in Tennessee for a couple of nights of heavy drinking. There will also, supposedly, be some kind of speaking engagement we're doing as well.

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Eric said...

I was going to argue, but on further thought decided you were technically correct. But saying Morrissey was the worst thing about The Smiths is like saying Paul McCartney was the worst thing about The Beatles, or Jimmy Page was the worst thing about Zeppelin. Sure, those statements are all true. But being the worst thing about The Smiths still makes you pretty damn special. And maybe Morrissey needed Marr more than the vice-versa (like McCartney needed Lennon more than, like Page needed Plant more than), and still: magical awesomeness when they were working with and against each other.