Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Listening Post

For all her occasionally intimidating ferocity, Amanda Palmer has always been at her best when she pares it down to just her and a piano. The woman has the ability to emotionally devastate with a consistency few artists can match these days.

Here's her new single -- The Bed Song.


sommer said...

Soooooo Mitt Romney is making music videos now?

Chez said...

I'd love to know the thought process that led you to that comment. I'll bet it's interesting.

sommer said...

Starting at 2:36 all I saw was good ole Mitt. Sorry my explanation isn't all that interesting- it's purely a visual thing. But that turned into hilarious visions in my head of this particular couple's marital problems being based on the fact that Husband won't take his magic underwear off long enough to get close to Wife, and her long standing resentment at not being First Lady.

Sometimes my brain goes off on internal tangents. I should go back to work now.

Chez said...

Beats thinking that Amanda Palmer looks like Romney, which is where I was concerned you were somehow going with that.

sommer said...

No no no no no. I keep seeing Gina Gershon in Amanda Palmer. Both gorgeous.

F'real this time, though. WORK.