Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hate Street

This is the joke The Onion was trying to make, the thing it was attempting to comment on.

Salon sums it up perfectly without even trying.

"(Anne) Hathaway is the subject of more vituperative, angry scrutiny than perhaps any actress working today. 'Shut up. Shut up, Anne Hathaway. I honestly don’t know what it is. Maybe I’m jealous, but I don’t feel jealousy. I watch her in outtakes, and I feel like she’s not a real person,' wrote a blogger for women’s-interest site Crushable. 'I don’t find her perfection charming. I find it annoying.'

'She always seems like she’s performing, and her favorite act is this overstated humility and graciousness,' said a blogger quoted by Brian Moylan in a piece for Hollywood.com...

'Deep down, we loathe celebrities,' says David Thomson, film critic and author, most recently, of 'The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies.'

'We envy them,' says Thomson. 'We think they don’t deserve it. We hate the influence they have over us. And there have to be sacrificial lambs.' ...

Perhaps there’s a double standard at work here. Bradley Cooper comes in for criticism, too, but it has little to do with the degree to which he is or is not a grown man. 'People are rougher on young female stars than they are on young male stars,' says veteran Hollywood reporter Howard Karren, who served as an editor at Premiere in the 1990s."

Salon: Anne Hathaway: Hollywood's Most Polarizing Star/2.26.13


Claude Weaver said...

This whole thing is utterly stupid. I don't understand any of this irrational dislike. Then again, I didn't get the drama over Sally Field's speech back in the day either.

Have we as a culture gotten so used to cynicism and sarcasm as currency that the very thought of someone being honest-to-fucking-God HAPPY for winning an award somehow elicits such a reaction. Lex Luthor has more respect for Superman, and a hell of a better rationale for his hatred.

Fuck it, if insulting an actress for being happy she has a successful career while simultaneously raking a satire site over the coals for a bad joke is what we do now, I say the Mayans were right to cut off their calendars after 2012. There is nothing left to care about anymore.

And somebody cancel the fucking Oscars already. It hasn't been good for anything but giving idiots and assholes something to bitch about for the last 10 years.

JohnF said...

Anne Hathaway is totally great. Call me an anti-hater.

Victor the Crab said...

Perhaps if society didn't put such a fucking premium on celebrities, like Anne Hathaway whose main job it is to look beautiful, then maybe society wouldn't be as fucked up as it is. Why the fuck should I care about celebrities?

Izar Talon said...

I love Anne Hathaway. She seems intelligent, honest, and actually NICE. And fuck all these catty jealous idiots who are saying this shit. She's one of the VERY few celebrities I can stand.

And, as Claude said, I find it absolutely fucking disgusting that these sites can say this shit about her after wigging out about the Onions joke. It HAS to be willing, selective blindness. Or can they actually have that much of a lack of self-reflection, can they honestly BE that shallow? They are WALLOWING in their own hypocrisy.

Someone really needs to call them all out on their absolutely disgusting bullshit behavior.

Indigotea said...

I don't hate her, but at some point, the wide-eyed incredulity that she won strikes a false note. She won an Oscar THAT SHE CAMPAIGNED HARD FOR. It's not like she was picked out of the audience at random. It's exactly what happened to Sally Field. They did good work, they played by the rules, and then the onstage shock of winning seems like a bolt from the blue? How?

That's what seems insincere. It's not the most heinous crime against humanity but it doesn't make her seem terribly down-to-earth. More like the catty girl who played it sweet with the boys in high school but was a stone-cold bitch to all the girls.

Mart said...

She should have tripped over her dress on the stairs and then blushed; and we all would have just loved her to death.