Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Fists of Fieri

Gosh, I just can't believe it. He just doesn't seem the type to do something like this -- not Guy Fieri.

Us Magazine: Guy Fieri "Threw a Fit" After Being Rejected From VIP Super Bowl Party/2.5.13

The source of the story says that Fieri was turned away because, "He didn't have the right bracelet, and nobody in New Orleans knows who anyone is." This actually makes perfect sense when you consider that Guy Fieri looks pretty much like every other obnoxious fucking douchebag who trolls the French Quarter, Super Bowl weekend or not.

Update: Maxim magazine, who was throwing the party, says that the above story is bullshit -- that Fieri didn't get kicked out at all since he's Maxim's "good pal." You know, somehow this looks worse for Guy Fieri than not being allowed in in the first place.

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bafreeman said...

I and my kids spent Christmas in Philly with my sister's family, and I went on a soft rant about what an asshole I think Guy Ferry is when I saw all of his shit products in their refrigerator. It was all pretty good-humored, and ended when I said something along the lines of "You've known pricks like him. You liked them for maybe a day, and have hated them ever since. The fact that you've never been riding with him in his car when he drops a huge fart and locks the windows doesn't mean he's a good Guy, it means he's never given you a ride."
Last weekend they were visiting me, and my 14-year old niece told me I'd ruined Guy Fieri for her. I said "You're welcome." And she said "Thank you."