Thursday, February 07, 2013

Droning On and On and On

Today's column for the Daily Banter expands a little on what Cesca's been talking about for the past few days -- the reaction to the White House memo detailing its justification for using drones to take out American citizens overseas who've joined with Al Qaeda.

Bob was rational and analytical. I, as usual, am a blunt object.

Here's an excerpt:

"God bless Cesca for taking a reasonable and nuanced approach to the subject of the White House memo on the justification for drone strikes and the ongoing use of the drones themselves. God bless him because I’m glad he’s putting forth the effort and trying to carefully dissect an issue that’s much more complex than many seem to be willing to acknowledge. God bless him because he’s doing it so I don’t have to — which is good seeing as how I genuinely don’t give a crap about drones strikes or the legality or illegality of killing Americans who’ve taken up arms against the U.S."

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JohnF said...

George Galloway will not be happy to hear about this.

Jester said...

Er, yeah. I get what you're saying, but you're being entirely too dismissive of how one defines "America's enemies." You acknowledge the problem of due process while making light of it. That's a part of the Bill of Rights I happen to agree with. ;-)

I'm never going to be a one-issue voter of the type you describe, but this issue and issues related to it have bothered me since 2002 when I learned Jose Padilla's name. Did he deserve to be arrested, deported, shipped to Guantanamo, and subject to various "enhanced interrogation" before eventually being sentenced to 23.5 years for what was essentially thought-crime?

Whether you answer that one yes or no, is there any doubt in your mind that had they been able to drone this guy out of existence before he boarded that plane to Chicago, that they would have done it?

The capacity for abuse here is rather amazing, and for that reason I will speak up about it when asked. But no, I'm not going to be carrying hand-painted signs or voting on candidates based on how they vote on this particular issue. But track it? You betcha (to coin a phrase).