Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boo(b) Hoo

Seriously -- I give up.

"Seth MacFarlane has made millions off being an immature man-child. In fact, it was the success of his particular brand of gross-out offensive humor (served with a smile, of course) that got him the Oscar gig in the first place. So it came as little surprise, then, when base misogyny and racism dominated MacFarlane’s performance on Sunday. And while the musical opener 'We Saw Your Boobs' has been called immature (true) and sexist (also true) — it wasn’t just a harmless roundup of spicy movie scenes. Four of the films MacFarlane crooned about featured nudity during or immediately following violent depictions of rape and sexual assault, stripped of their context and played for laughs. Scarlett Johansson found herself on the list because of a real-life violation: Her nude photos were stolen from her phone and leaked online. Oh, your privacy was invaded and your breasts were splashed across the Internet against your will? That is hilarious!

-- Katie McDonough in a piece for Salon called "'We Saw Your Boobs' Celebrates Rape on Film"

I swear, at this point I think Salon is just trolling. No one can be this fucking stupid and still be able to write a series of complete sentences.


Anonymous said...

Since when has Salon (most of the writers anyway) became standard bearers of proper etiquettes?

- Tony

Fungi said...

One of the writers/producers on Family Guy had a great tweet about this.

Alec Sulkin: Ironic to accuse a host of misogyny on a night honoring James Bond. And

JohnF said...

I don't expect much from Salon these days, but I expect better than this.

Claude Weaver said...


Look, I could give less of a shit about defending MacFarlane. Because he is a big boy with tons more money and success doing what he does than I do. And a lot of the time, he is hit or miss with me. He doesn't need my protection.


Goddammit, this is getting absolutely ridiculous. It's been TWO FUCKING DAYS. Do Salon writers have that little to write about that they can waste two whole goddamn days on this? How do they have the time to pen the screeds? I mean, I realize they probably put less thought into them than most people put into grocery lists, but it still takes time to write, edit, and publish an article, even on the web. How the fuck do they have this much free time on their hands?

Know what? Chez, you need to hire a Salon writer for DXM. That way whenever you get too busy with your real, bill paying, time consuming job, they can come here and fill the blog with nonsense and twaddle, and you don't have to worry about the site being neglected. We'll probably keelhaul you as soon as shake your hand if you did so, but at least it would give this poor souls SOMETHING ELSE TO DO.

namron said...

I used to believe that the true demarcation between boys and girls of the 50's and 60's was "The Three Stooges." Few, if any, girls ever found the Stooges to be funny. That rule seems to have held true through the adulthood of the children of the 50's and 60's. "Family Guy" and MacFarlane may have become the replacement for the Stooges rule for "Milleneials." BTW, I severely dislike that term but it does make good shorthand, like "Boomer."