Monday, February 11, 2013

Abandon All Pope

Today's column for the Daily Banter takes a look at what kind of changes we can expect for the Catholic Church in the wake of Pope Benedict XVI's decision to step aside. The short answer: not much.

Here's the opening shot:

"I suppose it would be too much to ask for the Catholic Church to simply close up shop once Pope Benedict officially steps down, eh?

The important thing to keep in mind in the wake of the once-and-future Joseph Ratzinger’s surprise announcement that he’ll be abdicating the papacy is that it’s likely going to change nothing about the Catholic Church. Yes, it’s an interesting and eyebrow-raising development, one that caps off a tumultuous eight year run for the current pontiff and the church in general, but let’s face it: Expecting that a new man at the top of the Catholic food chain will mean the sudden embracing of new ideas of right and wrong, of morality and modernity, would be sheer folly. The church has existed in its present state, for the most part impervious to human enlightenment and the march of progress, for centuries. Maybe the next pope will deliver the traditional canon and ancient edicts of Catholicism with the kindly smile, avuncular tone and all-around media savvy of John Paul II — rather than through the thoroughly creepy Galactic Emperor sneer Benedict has terrified the world with for almost a decade — but in the end the canon and edicts will be exactly the same. The messenger will change — the message will stay the same."

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Matt said...

It's been interesting watching some people who screamed about Paterno sheltering a pedophile come to the Pope's defense. And vice versa. On a side note, my father turned on the Gaither vocal band this weekend (Southern Gospel). I actually enjoy a lot of gospel music, but the performers and audience for this creeped me right the fuck out. For lack of a better description, they all had this mindlessly earnest rapturous look that was so over the top that I wasn't sure if they were over-emoting for the cameras. I actually couldn't watch for long and had to leave the room.