Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Your Band (Name) Sucks

So I'm just sitting here as I do most Tuesday mornings, going through the new stuff on iTunes, and I have a question: Can we please stop the hipsterfication of alt music? I don't meant to impugn anyone's material as I already know that some of the bands I'm about to mention are pretty good, but a quick scan of the latest alternative releases available reads like a South Park parody of indie music band names.

Let's run down the bands who line the front page of the alternative section of iTunes right now:

Rah Rah, Ducktails, High Highs, BOY, Y La Bamba, Cave Painting, Wildlife Control, Skinny Lister, Spectral Park, Leagues, Big Harp, Blaudzun, Hey Ocean!, Bleeding Rainbow, Sleeping at Last, Air Review, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down.

I get that the hipster aesthetic dictates that your band name should generally be an inanimate, single-word object, two words picked out of a hat that make no sense at all together, or an opaque, strangely non-descriptive action that's so not a band name that it strikes exactly the right note of aloof irony (or, of course, the name of an animal). But I feel like bands these days are just trying to be elusive and weird simply for the sake of being elusive and weird.

Maybe I'm getting old.

I was going to say that I think I'll start a band and just call it "Noun" -- but of course that's already taken.


Anonymous said...

Patrolling the Cat Litter
The Micronomics
Air The Limited
The Breathers
The Malcontents
Acid Rain Forest
Park Slope The Movie
Calling All Numbers
GiGi Fellas
Fine Young Coconuts
The Grammarians
The Annoyers.. .

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start a hipster death metal band and call it "Betty Spaghetti and the Uterus Salad" or "Dump Knuckle".

Chez said...

It's like the old "Names for Bands" metal band name suggestions monologue Jello Biafra used to do years ago.

Angela Lucier said...

Totally agree, but surprised to see Sleeping At Last on the list...He/they've been around for 10+ years!

Fungi said...

My new band: BEAVER

bafreeman said...

I used to own a bar/venue, and used to get 5-10 demos a week. There was one that has stayed with me. Can't remember the music, and I know I never booked them, but the band name was awesome: Sorry About Your Daughter.

Elijah M said...

I’m kind of amazed that no one ever did name their band MÖNDÄLE.

I’d like to see these happen, and I’ll never be able to do it myself:

* Porn Cock
* Strapon Bilbo Baggins
* Sad Handjob
* Milkfight

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Rah Rah's past their third album, currently making a fourth (I think), and Hey Ocean!'s been around since 2008. I have at least three of theirs.

Maybe you are getting cranky, Chez!

I don't think there's such a thing as a stupid band name, in general, because what you want, in the end, is a memorable tag.