Friday, January 18, 2013

Right Hook

Today's bonus Friday column for the Daily Banter examines Dennis Kucinich's new role as a Fox News contributor -- and Fox News's ongoing unwillingness to face somebody who actually has a chance of kicking its hosts' asses.

Here's an excerpt:

"So last night Dennis Kucinich made his debut as a Fox News contributor. The former Ohio congressman, perennial presidential candidate and liberal stalwart officially joined Fox earlier this week, but it was on yesterday’s O’Reilly Factor that he had his official coming out party. As you can imagine, Kucinich received a very cordial welcome from O’Reilly, who couldn’t resist taking the opportunity right off the bat to make the claim that Kucinich’s very presence on-air disproved Fox News’s critics, who insist that the network is nothing but a propaganda machine for the right. 'Wow, what a conversion!' O’Reilly said to Kucinich. 'Congressman, how did that happen? You know all the people on Fox News are far-right crazy people!'

Uh-huh. Because casting an ineffectual laughingstock like Kucinich as one of its maybe three token liberals, all of whom are ineffectual laughingstocks of one stripe or another, really proves that Fox News is committed to presenting a progressive viewpoint that’s as bold, slickly packaged and indomitable as the traditional conservative viewpoint that’s made it famous."

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Anonymous said...

FOX News builds their liberal contributors as weak-kneed, ill-informed and generally milquetoast. The evidence is with Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel and now, Kucinich. The network sells it to the audience that these guys represent the entire left-of-center spectrum. It's an example of good propaganda that only Roger Ailes sells well. The man has been a master at this game for years.