Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Listening Post

It's always a good day when there's new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Here's the brand new first single from their upcoming album.

This is Let the Day Begin.


L. said...

I love this, though it also makes me sad.

It's a cover of the Call's "Let the Day Begin" which was sung by Michael Been, BRMC singer Robert Been's late father. Michael passed away while on tour with BRMC a few years ago. He was always super nice and was a perpetual friendly presence on their tours.

Also, my mom used to blast this song through the house to wake my sisters and I up when we were little kids.

Chez said...

Son of a bitch. You have no idea how dumb I feel right now. When I was growing up, the Call was one of my absolute favorite bands. I still think 'I Don't Wanna' is a work of pure passion that just about brings tears to my eyes. I of course knew about their version of this song but it's been so long since I've heard it that I didn't put two and two together. I also didn't know about the Been connection or that he had died. And these are two of my favorite bands we're talking about. Yup, dumb indeed.

L. said...

I think Robert might have done an acoustic version of "You Run" at Michael's memorial.

Michael did the sound for BRMC's live shows. He was always trying to find spots on guest lists for people who didn't have tickets and being really friendly and generous with the fans.

He also greatly confused my sister once by walking into her shoulder from behind, then pretending he didn't notice after winking at me and grinning all big. She did not understand why I was laughing and he just kept walking with an innocent look on his face as though he never noticed he walked into her.

I will almost definitely tear up like a little bitch when they play this live. It'll be truly sad not to see his face behind the soundboard.

Chez said...

Yeah, I'm gonna go see them at the Wiltern here in L.A. in June. I may even see them in San Diego in March.