Thursday, January 10, 2013

Listening Post

The latest two-song release from My Chemical Romance's previously unreleased fourth album hit iTunes this week and I'm once again left wondering why they didn't just go with this Brendan O'Brien-produced record in the first place since it's proven itself to be much better overall than Danger Days.

Granted, it's brilliant that they have an entire separate album to push in between recording sessions this way, but still.

Anyway, above is a track that sounds like what was promised by Gerard Way during interviews leading up to the scrapped record -- namely that it was going to sound like the Stooges.

Below, meanwhile, is a song from last month's release that's so good it really makes you wonder what Gerard was thinking by not immediately releasing it. Especially considering the fact that it was written for his young daughter (hence, my immediate love of it).

It's Make Room!!!! and The Light Behind Your Eyes.

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