Thursday, January 31, 2013

High Note

This is my favorite story of the day -- because you all know how much I hate Glee and its egomaniacal creator, Ryan Murphy, who believes that all bands should not only give their songs freely to his unholy creation so it can utterly destroy them, but should also grovel at his feet for seeing fit to use their music in the first place. (And no, do not tell me that he redeemed himself with American Horror Story; that show is predictably self-indulgent and ridiculous.)

Well, kind of like the Foo Fighters before him, Glee picked the wrong guy to fuck with when they decided to rip-off Jonathan Coulton without giving him an ounce of credit.

Zap2It: Glee vs. Jonathan Coulton/1.28.13


Claude Weaver said...

Of all people, Murphy thought he could get away with ripping off Jonathan Coulton?

You know, he could have just kicked Bruce Campbell in the balls if he wanted to piss the Internet off THAT much. It would have been faster, and would have taken more guts to do so.

Still, good on Coulton. I just hope we don't get any Portal jokes...

Izar Talon said...

That's rad. Jonathan Coulton is awesome and deserves to grind Glee into the dirt where it belongs.

Drew said...

Coulton's version of the song is *SO* remarkably differnt from the original it may as well be a new song.

Yes, Coulton has every right to turn the screws on Glee.

Anonymous said...

It seems that I have to go shopping.