Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Assistant Quote of the Day

"He fired a warning shot and then when the car was accelerated to go in reverse he perceived it differently. He’s an elderly man, he perceived the car going towards his house, towards him."

-- A lawyer for 69-year-old Georgia man Phillip Sailors, who shot and killed a Hispanic guy who had accidentally pulled into his driveway, supposedly because he thought the guy's car was trying to ram him when it in fact was backing up

Apparently, a GPS mistake had led the victim, 22-year-old Rodrigo Diaz, along with his girlfriend and two other friends, into Sailors's driveway. Witnesses say Diaz recognized that something was wrong, but Sailors had already rushed out of the house carrying a gun and screaming, "Get off my property!" (Please take a moment to revel in the almost perfect old-white-guy stereotype.) Diaz reportedly rolled down the window to apologize as he was backing up and that's when he was shot. Sailors is now charged with murder.

You know, this should go without saying, but if you're too goddamn old to be able to tell which direction a car is going I think it's safe to say you're too goddamn old to be allowed to own a gun.

What do you want to bet that in the moments before Diaz's ill-fated turn into Sailors's driveway, Sailors was sitting in front of his TV doing what he does for hours each day: watching Fox News? Maybe this is how the network will continue to lose viewers. They won't just die off -- they'll be arrested for angrily, frighteningly reacting with deadly force to every little perceived threat.


kushiro said...

Oh, man, the comments on that story. Apparently, it's impossible that: a) anyone can get lost, even with GPS; b) you can go skating in Georgia; and c) five adults can fit into a car.

And because it's all so hard to believe, that guy deserved to die.

JohnF said...

God, what a horrible story.

alopecia said...

When I saw this story yesterday, the lawyer insisted that Phillip Sailors thought the people in the car were about to commit a home-invasion robbery (right, because that's the first thing that goes through everyone's mind when an unfamiliar car pulls into the driveway). Now the lawyer says Sailors thought the car was moving forward instead of back.

Sailors belongs in jail and his lawyer really needs to shut up (he's really not doing his client any favors).

Indigotea said...

This occurred in my area. Two of my daughter's friends live off that street. It's near the public library we use.

It's a street where if you get lost, you would pretty much have to turn into someone's driveway to turn around. I used to do that every week while dropping off kids there, just pull into a driveway to change direction.

I've deliberately skipped the comments in the AJC, though. It's almost like you have to flunk an IQ test to post there.

Anonymous said...

So when people tell me that they keep guns for personal protection, I can point to this, right?