Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Assistant Quote of the Day

"We’re expecting over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the Republican Party... And let me just tell you, I do believe that is their goal, to just shove us into the dustbin of history."

-- John Boehner in a closed speech yesterday to the Ripon Society, a conservative think tank in Washington, DC

If the Republicans weren't one of this country's two major political parties it would be hysterical how utterly lost they are.

No, Boehner, you blubbering idiot, Obama isn't out to "annihilate" your party because he doesn't have to -- you're doing that just fine on your own. Your version of outreach in the face of assured demographic extinction is this kind of horseshit: continuing to fear-monger in the hope of somehow -- what? -- encouraging your dwindling base of bitter, resentful white men to breed more? Yeah, good luck with that.

You're right about one thing: You are being slowly relegated to the dustbin of history. But for that you have no one to blame by yourselves.

By the way, Matt Taibbi has a great post currently up at Rolling Stone that takes a look at what he amusingly calls the "worst week ever" for conservatives. As you might expect it's worth a read.


Drew said...

Even if that was President Obama's goal, methinks the attempt and possible success would be justified. McConnell stated that "the Republicans first priority should be to make Obama a one term president". He didn't say,"amidst different ideologies we'll do what's best for the people" or "we'll try to reach bipartisan solutions to ailments facing the country". Nope. He, and his party, came out with an agenda of obstruction. People be damned.

In addition to that, the Republicans during the GWB years really fucked the country up and then tried to pass the responsibility to someone else.

Then, of course, there are the Teabaggers. I don't really need to go one about these lunatics.

If the dustbin is what the Republicans get then so fucking be it. They've earned every bit of it. Maybe after the dust settles a reasonable party will rise from the ashes that is actually interested in running the country.

To your point though, they're doing it to themselves.

Matt said...

Seeing some of the so called "young guns" of the party, like Cantor, Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan, the main word that pops into my head is "twerps". It just seems so fitting.