Saturday, December 29, 2012

The 25 Best Singles of 2012 (15-11)

15. Deadmau5 f/Gerard Way -- Professional Griefers

This was the year that electronic dance music finally achieved its true potential in the states and came to dominate pop music and pop culture, with its stars transcending cult status to become musical icons. Yeah, Joel Zimmerman -- AKA Deadmau5 -- was huge before, but with the first single from his 2012 release, Album Title Goes Here, he struck with the authoritative might of somebody who knew he was on top of the world.

14. The xx -- Angels

It seemed impossible to pare down their late-night, post-coital sound any further, but the kids from the xx did just that, and turned out one of the simplest and most beautiful love songs of this or any other year.

13. fun. -- Some Nights

They were everywhere in 2012 -- and with good reason. This song was just impossible to resist.

12. Japandroids -- The House That Heaven Built

Their album was called Celebration Rock and never has there been a more fitting title. In 2012, this Canadian duo brought the joyous thunder back to alt rock.

11. The Gaslight Anthem -- National Anthem

Simple and stunning, word has it this song was written in less than a half-hour, which would prove that it came right from the place it sounds like: the heart. Melancholy permeates every note and the end result is something as wondrous as it is emotionally devastating.

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Benoit from Ottawa said...

Thanks! I was just about to get pissy, waiting for the next five.

I enjoy your selections, well at least some of them, to be obvious and blunt.

May 2013 treat you and yours well.