Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quote of the Day

"$60 billion? In this time when we’re trying to solve the deficit problem?"

-- Republican Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, scoffing at the Obama administration's request for $60.4-billion in disaster relief for the states affected by Superstorm Sandy

I love this one simple statement because it perfectly sums up the ridiculousness of the current Republican party and why it doesn't deserve to be taken the least bit seriously. It's got it all: the phony outrage, the logic-defying implication that a future crisis should be dealt with before one that's affecting Americans right now, the shameless partisan obstructionism disguised as a principled stand.

Kyl really has constructed a thing of beauty. Please take a moment out of your day to appreciate it.

1 comment:

ntx said...

Hey Sen. Kyle, we'll pay attention to you when Arizona starts holding up its end of the bargain. Arizona receives $1.19 in federal spending for every federal tax dollar its residents pay. On the other hand, New York gets back just $.79. Connecticut gets back just $.69. And New Jersey gets back just $.61 on the dollar. Why do they subsidize your sorry state? Oh yeah, because that's the kind of thing good people do when their neighbors need help. Asshole.