Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Rules

My issue when it comes to the recent round of Republican soul-searching has mostly been that it seems focused more on "rebranding," meaning selling a bad product in a way that makes it appear more enticing, than actually presenting new ideas.

Well, even though this little soliloquy casts itself as a series of tips on how to rebrand the GOP, it actually offers some damn good advice -- good advice that would benefit the entire country.

And believe it or not, much to her credit, it comes from the normally groan-inducing S.E. Cupp.

Good for her.


disputin said...

An example of item 3.

Get out of the beltway

Riles said...

Building off of your FB comments, she's definitely a careerist, but I'll take a careerist going in this direction than towards the crazy Right. Finally a little fucking common sense.

Meanwhile, is it just me, or is the Left (Sullivan, Scahill, etc.) starting to lose it's mind?

Stephen said...

Glasses AND a slight lisp? Hot damn why have I avoided watching this???

VOTAR said...

You just know S.E. makes the best noises during sex.

Anonymous said...

But her legs are not on her desk. Therefore I cannot take her commentary seriously. At least that's what I learned from Fox News.