Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Low Recoil

Today's column for the Daily Banter deals with yesterday's mall shooting in Portland, Oregon -- and how chances are nothing will change in the wake of it.

Here's the opening shot:

"So here we are again.

By now you probably know the drill so well you can follow the steps in your sleep: guy goes into a public place and shoots it up, killing and injuring innocent people; the police descend and the local news stations and networks begin splashing horrifying images of the armed response and frightened bystanders all over your TV; details begin to trickle out, as well as stories of terror and heroism from average people who witnessed the shooting and got out alive; the gunman is either caught, killed or takes his own life; the futile debate over gun control begins and the right immediately begins decrying the use of a tragedy to supposedly score political points; the NRA or one of its supporters in the conservative press or Congress makes the staggeringly offensive and stupid claim that if everyone in our country were carrying a concealed weapon, somebody else would’ve been able to open fire in a crowded public place and take the initial gunman — the one not using his arsenal in a responsible manner — down with a couple of well-placed shots to the head, Black Ops 2-style.

We’re so used to this crap by now that this afternoon there’s not really a whole lot of screaming, front-page coverage of the latest outbreak of indiscriminate violence that captured the attention of the country for a few minutes last night. Yes, there are updates, but for the national press life has just about gone back to normal."

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Matt said...

Having grown up in gun culture (we had the first day of deer season off from school), I've had exposure to firearms all my life. I'm seriously baffled at the worship and deification of the gun by the likes of Nugent. Don't get me wrong, I've been firing guns for around 30 years and I still love to go to the range. I just don't get how insecure you would have to be to feel that you have to define yourself by carrying a firearm. While there are most likely a number of gun fetishists where I grew up, the number was very low when I still lived there. I wonder if that's because we were taught that guns were dangerous and deadly and to respected, but also that they were tools used to put food on the table. They were always there, so there was no mystery. Then again, there was the guy who shot a Garfield doll a bunch of times when the Steelers lost. I know that there is no way that guns will be outlawed. I just wish that the fetishist worshipers would pull the Glock shaped dildo out of their ass and realize that some restrictions are reasonable. There is no need for anyone outside a war zone to have extended magazines. Why the fuck would you need an assault weapon? The list goes on.