Wednesday, November 28, 2012

White Man's Burden

Today's column for the Daily Banter is all about the apparently fading mojo of white guys of a certain age. At the center of it: Bill O'Reilly and the Washington Post's Richard Cohen.

Here's the opening shot:

"I’m sure you probably already know this, but it’s a really tough time to be a white guy of a certain age right now. Everything’s just so upside-down and nothing’s how it used to be, with white guys of a certain age lumbering across the face of the earth like mighty dinosaurs, perfectly, languorously content in their dominion over all creatures. There was the re-election of the weirdly named multi-cultural black man Barack Obama — along with the denial of the whitest, most of-a-certain-age man alive, Mitt Romney — and its heralding of the demographic shift that’s wresting power from their hands and giving to welfare queens and leaf-blowers. At the same time, there was the backlash against the attempt by a popular and official collective of ├╝ber-white men — the GOP — to restrict the reproductive freedom of women on the grounds that not having proper babies from white guys of a certain age constitutes indefensible promiscuity anyway.

But that’s politics. The real battlefield for white guys of a certain age these days seems to be pop culture, which is telling them that they can’t just 'show up' and still be the subject of adoration, as they once were, while simultaneously reminding them at every turn that the various peoples of the globe have other interests besides their lengthy, fascinating tales of their own heroic exploits that involve the experience of just being white guys of a certain age."

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Dr. Squid said...

If you add in the version done with Hyun-a, the impossibly hot woman on the train, it adds up to over a billion hits. Hyun-a, by the way, sounds like a particularly nasally version of Betty Boop.

We might not understand Psy, but he gets us; not surprising as he was educated in Boston.

Drew said...

This is a powerful and insightful piece Chez. Loved it!

Claude Weaver said...

I now want the rumors about Idris Elba to come true, if only to break Cohen's mind even more.