Thursday, November 29, 2012

What a Fool Believes

Today's column for the Daily Banter pegs off of two recent Cesca pieces, one regarding Pastor Rick Warren's latest tirade against gays and gay impulses and the other dealing with religion in general and how progressives ought to approach it.

Yes, it's one of those kinds of religion pieces for me.

Here's the opening shot:

"Some of the most entertaining columns written for this site, I think, come from the times when Bob Cesca and I decide to get into a back-and-forth over subjects we’re passionate about. While we both write here and host a podcast together, we obviously don’t agree on everything nor should we; what the hell fun would that be? A couple of weeks back, Bob posted a piece that suggested that progressives need to stop demonizing people of faith and criticizing religion in general as being, essentially, a crutch for those not as evolved as, I guess, the liberal intelligentsia (who are generally insufferable anyway). From a purely PR perspective, he’s absolutely right. I’m always one for acknowledging political reality, and it clearly dictates that contemptuously mocking someone’s beliefs from on-high is the wrong way to win that person over to your cause. Bob’s right on the money about this."

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Anonymous said...

You may well be right, but I just can’t get past Warren, and pretty much all high profile mega-church pastors, as people who said “What do rural conservative white people believe?” and created a version of Christianity the conforms to their world view (what they do is never a sin and what “other people” do are the greatest of sins) so the Churches can make millions off tax free donations.

But I can’t say that removing such cynical opportunist hucksters would change any of the problems religion and/or faith cause.

TheReaperD said...

I swear, somebody needs to push hypocrites like Warren out of the closet for the betterment of society. I don't get it but, it seems that you can rape children in the church and get away with it but, if you're gay, that's it, you're a pariah. How being gay is worse than raping children is beyond logic but, as you pointed out, logic and reason are the antithesis of religion.