Thursday, November 01, 2012

Vote Abby 2012

I think I speak for all of us when I say that this little girl speaks for all of us.


pknaack1 said...

Yeah, I know exactly how she feels. If I wasn't a Manly Man I'd be whimpering now.

I actually can't login to facebook anymore because everybody's posting such ridiculous shit. Like somebody posts a picture of Christie & Obama together touring the damage and discussing relief plans, and someone comments "Obama voted AGAINST relief for Katrina victims, when he was a Senator? Now he pretends to be Comforter in Chief?" and then someone else says "What a F'ING joke!!!!! That the BIGGEST ANTI-AMERICAN IN THIS COUNTRY!!!! F'ING COMMUNIST BASTARD!" and gets a dozen likes. And someone posts a picture of Romney loading bottled water into a truck and someone says "hes helping with others hes not lazy like you demorcats get a life demorcrats."

I don't get it. It is inconceivable that people can have such extremely angry opinions based on so little information. And as the years go by it only seems to get worse. Even a friend of a friend who is a professor of economics at a university argues the most ridiculous far-right opinions about economic policies, and the worst part is that he is highly intelligent, well-read, with a large vocabulary and access to historical facts, and he still somehow manages to be a crazy right-wing nut, totally invalidating a theory I used to have that if you've been through higher education and been taught how to think analytically and how to find trustworthy information there's no way you could be a crazy right-wing nut. But there it is.

So I only login to facebook when my email tells me there's a notification I might like to reply to, and when I do I can only surf the feed for a couple minutes before something else disgusts me and I have to go back to my happy life of watching sci-fi movies and reading fiction with a cat sleeping on my lap.

Whistling in the graveyard.

One final note. XKCD posted a really fascinating graphical analysis of the house and senate over the history of the US ( It shows how the different parties gained and lost over the years, with a ton of annotations on specific historical events which fed certain power shifts. To me the most interesting tidbit of info you can gather is that since around 1980, the "far right" has been growing at a fantastic rate, and never in the history of our country has the far right so dominated US politics. In fact, the "center right" seems to no longer exist, at all. It looks like there've only been two times when there was a comparable imbalance--once right before the great depression, and once right around the civil war. Part of me is worried that the current political climate and the divisiveness which permeates the country (not just the power elite but the general citizenship) will only be re-balanced by something utterly catastrophic. I don't see the current political climate being the kind of thing that just sort of "goes away" by gradual shifting of opinions back to more centrist views. Unless Fox News somehow folds, maybe.

Whistling in the graveyard.

Back to reading Ender's Game -- come here kitty!

Randy said...

All "Abby's" rock!

Entropy Hed said...

I've mostly given up on Facebook too. I've muted almost everyone but my immediate family. But more importantly Ender's Game is a wonderful book. The followup, Speaker for the Dead, is pretty good but very different. Also there is a parallel series that starts with Ender's Shadow that is fun. Have you read Simmon's Hyperion? If not, you might want to add it to your list.