Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Time's Up

Yes, I admit it: Once the race was called for Barack Obama last night, I immediately suggested to the people I was hanging out with that we switch the channel over to Fox News. I expected it to be interesting. I didn't expect it to be as interesting as it was. Watching the entire operation publicly deflate -- with Karl Rove refusing to accept reality and Megyn Kelly actually getting up and walking over to the "decision desk" to demand answers -- was honestly one of the damndest things I've witnessed in a very long time.

But Bill O'Reilly's bitter, crestfallen soliloquy on how America isn't really America anymore was the most memorable moment. Memorable because of how disconcertingly comfortable O'Reilly is with his own racism and xenophobia and also because he simultaneously acknowledged what some of us have been warning for a while -- namely that the Republican party in its current form simply can't survive and will soon be demographically pushed into extinction -- while making it clear that Fox News likely intends to now double down on the extremist rhetoric aimed at the dwindling resentful-old-white-guy crowd.

O'Reilly's sullen little rant is the statement of a man who's just had it finally made clear to him that he's not in charge anymore.


John said...

The best part of the Megyn Kelly WWE Backstage Fallout was that it included the phrases "we didn't think we'd have to do this," and "when we practiced this earlier."

Busayo said...

Last night was the only time I've ever wished that we got Fox News over here, because that would have been pure magic to see.

vernonlee said...

In fact, people do want "stuff."

Not the T-bone steak nonsense of Teabagger fever dreams, but, you know, value for one's taxpayer dollar.

Think Sandy versus Katrina.

And no, Fox Newsers: Sandy may have affected the election a tiny bit but not just that Obama looked like a bipartisan guy with his Chris Christie bromance.

It's also that people shuddered to recall how easy it is for a horror show to occur when people in charge have many fucks but are keeping them to themselves and have none left to give.

And that as long as we have a government that is taking some of our salaries, why not have it do something once in awhile.

Or, in Bill O'Reilly's world, give us "stuff."

L. said...

This does explain why I saw a vagina playing the harmonica and asking for spare change this morning.