Thursday, November 15, 2012

The New Abnormal

Today's column for the Daily Banter breathes a sigh of relief that things are finally getting back to "normal."

Here's the opening shot:

"Can you feel that? Isn’t it nice?

I may be a big fan of new experiences, but there’s nothing quite like returning to your comfort zone, where every minute of every day unfolds a like warm blanket of soothing predictability. Sure, it was entertaining and even, for the briefest of moments, somewhat encouraging to see the Republicans humbly soul-search following the trouncing they received at the polls last week. For a couple of days it seemed like all you heard was a steady stream of self-recrimination and conciliatory language coming from the right. Even as the usual apocalyptic raving and blustery doubling-down on the politics of division and eliminationism went on unabated, for the first time in a very long time these voices were uncharacteristically outnumbered by people at least trying to behave calmly and rationally. Just about everyone from every political stripe was apparently ready to acknowledge that the GOP had lost its way and its historic comeuppance was proof of its lack of viability in a changing America. November 6th was a date with demographic destiny the right shouldn’t have been able to forget.

But hey, that was last week."

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Riles said...

The funniest part of Romney's remarks were the details on the "gifts" given: lower student loan rates, health care and immigration reform.

Imagine, give people what they want and need to have better lives, and they'll vote for you. It's not like Obama is handing out free iPhones, college books and copies of Black Ops 2.