Friday, November 02, 2012

Response Time

Time to once answer your serious questions with a lot of half-assery and horseshit. It's the Daily Banter mailbag.

This week: Would mandatory voting work in the United States? What do you do if your spouse plans to vote for Romney and is a smug, condescending prick to you for voting for Obama? And just how dumb are Americans as a whole?

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Anonymous said...

I just read two long articles, one in Harpers about electronic vote fraud propagated by, yes, hard right interests, and in the New Yorker, about voter fraud in general. Again, the drivers are hard right interests. There is strong evidence that major elections at all levels have been hijacked and yet not much conversation about this. Ohio is one of the worst offenders and where are things critical again this year? -- Ohio. Based on Nate Silver's polling, I think Obama should have this. But based on the fact that Diebold or what was Diebold is owned by hard right interests who may not see things the same way, I fear for the outcome.