Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Quote of the Day

"We have a choice: we can become a shrinking regional party of middle-aged and older white men, or we can fight to become a national governing party. And to do the latter we have to fix our Hispanic problem as quickly as possible, we’ve got to accept science and start calling out these false equivalencies when they occur within our party about things that are just not true, and not tolerate the intolerant."

-- Republican strategist John Weaver


Forget the fiscal cliff. The GOP just went over the demographic cliff, one which they've spent years recklessly plowing full-speed-ahead toward. They have only themselves to blame.


Stephen said...

Perhaps intelligent conservatives still exist?

Busayo said...

What's this? You mean that pandering to the lowest common denominator wasn't such a good idea? That kowtowing to racists and homophobes wasn't a good long-term thing? That trying to force women to become brood mares for the state in 2012 might have been a catastrophe? That waging a class war against the poor, the medically uninsured, single-parent households, union workers, government workers has backfired?

You mean that becoming the party for old, rich, straight white dudes with a hard-on for the 1950s didn't work out for you guys in the long run?

Imagine that.

bafreeman said...

The thing is that the Republican party is dominated by bullies, and most bullies are cowards. Karl Rove hasnt been right about anything since 2004, when he ran a campaign to rival Romney's in terms of dishonesty and scared just enough of the country into re-electing his brainless dick of a marionette. He should have unemployable after his "The Math" debacle in 2006, but instead he's been able to raise and spend $300 million THIS YEAR. The return on that that investment has turned out to be $JACK-SHIT, but it won't disqualify Rove because he's one of the Alpha Bullies, and no one in the stunted dick party will challenge him, or Nordquist, or Cheney.
How to define a Republican? If Sasha Gray begged one to fuck her up the ass, one type wouldn't do it because they're afraid it would make them gay, and the other type wouldn't do it because they're afraid it would confirm they're gay. The Rove/Cheney type would fuck the hell out of Sasha's ass and then make the first two types introduce legislation to outlaw sodomy.

Drew said...

The Republicans have also overplayed their hand when it comes to policy filibustering. They've simply not worked on cooperating with Democrats to pass anything and that fruit has begun to rot.

Additionally the propaganda lie machine has their talking points (usually anti-fact) that undermine any meaningful discussion.

Which brings me to my next point...

I had the pleasure of talking about the election yesterday with the owner of my company and I man that I've worked with for years. I have a phenomenal amount of respect for both. They voted for Romney. That said, we had civil conversation about various policy efforts and discussed some frustrations and so forth. It was a good conversation. I understood their points and they understood mine...we listened. We considered. We respected. Funny thing, neither of them could understand how anyone could vote for which point I said the feeling was mutual. But we all discussed the issues. No curses...

I realized that finding a counterpoint on the internet without anger is a difficult task at best. I want to hear the conservative viewpoint without the typical lies and memes. I want to hear it because I may not always be right...or have the full picture. That I find to be one of the most disasterous appoaches when analyzing a subject or issue...not having all of the information or only looking at one facet. I want to hear other opinions but I want to feel good about doing so. It would be nice to have some meaningful discussions without the game playing involved.

President Obama and Chris Christie when working to help the people of New Jersey accomplished a great deal. It's well past the time for posturing or brinkmanship...we need statesmen (the "men" being inclusive of all genders).

So, Congress (and I'm eyeballing mostly the Repubs), cut the shit and let's get things have nothing to lose at this point by cooperating.

Wow...sorry for the rant...