Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quote of the Day

"I’m neither an admirer nor detractor of Gen. Petraeus. But I am most definitely a detractor of what journalism has become in this country, of what passes for the qualitative analysis of our society and its problems. And I’ve paid enough attention to the human condition to no longer take seriously the notion that anyone who lets penis or vagina rub against the wrong person, who is indiscreet in doing so, and who then tells the truth about it when confronted by an FBI agent is unfit for either citizenship or public service. I certainly know enough about the human condition to know that all kinds of people — smart and dumb, powerful and powerless — are capable of finding themselves in such a circumstance and shaking their heads at just how far they strayed, at just how indiscreet they were in their very ordinary, human hunger, and how they have hurt those closest to them. Sex, done right, is some powerful shit. And when Americans begin to accept the human condition for what it is rather than an opportunity to jeer at the other fellow for getting caught, then we will be, if nothing else, a little bit more grown up. I remember when Francois Mitterrand’s wife and mistress walked beside each other in the French premier’s funeral procession and few in that country thought it remarkable. The French have got their problems, but in some respects, they make our country, our political commentary, seem as mature and insightful as a 14-year-old unsticking the pages of his dad’s just-discovered skin mags. It’s a peculiar American hypocrisy that only the worst kind of journalistic hack would readily and willingly embrace as a meaningful metric."

-- David Simon, creator of The Wire, on the David Petraeus sex scandal

Simon's take on this entire stupid story that's holding captive the minds, hearts and souls of America's supposedly professional journalists is the best thing I've read about it, hands down.


JohnF said...

It's all just a smokescreen to cover up Comrade Obama's involvement in BENGHAZI, the biggest cover-up of all time!!!!!!!

Marc McKenzie said...

Simon nailed it, hands-down.

@JohnF: quite sure there are a lot of people who already think that...

Chris said...

Totally agree about our sex-obsessed culture here. But Patraeus did have to step down as anyone with a clearance (even a wee-bitty one, not the grand Poobah CIA Director one) loses it if they are caught having an affair. Too much possible leverage. Though we could have a conversation about how our culture affects that...

Anonymouse said...

Here is the problem, from the perspective of a former enlisted a commanding officer, Petraeus has destroyed countless careers, especially among enlisted, for doing the same damn thing.

In my own case, my long time, live in girlfriend had been abandoned by her husband for over three years (we had been living together for about a year). In the course of formalizing the divorce, her soon to be ex contacted my command.

I got dragged to the CO and had a public NJP, to get my scarlet letter stamped on my forehead broadcasted live to the entire command.

This wasn't unique. All the time, UCMJ articles are arbitrarily enforced. If I was an officer, this would have not resulted in a damn thing, but an officer was caught screwing one of his underlings so the command decided there was a base wide problem and a bunch of us enlisted were rounded up over the course of a 3 month period to be paraded for violating a moral code written when flogging was viewed as a proper personnel management technique. Not a SINGLE officer, despite some of the enlisted being punished were involved with officers, were punished.

Just like I have no problem with asshole social conservatives getting racked over the coals for moral transgressions, I feel no pity for a man who made a career, like all life long military officers and high ranking enlisted, for screwing over the rank and file for trying to live a normal life.

I don't want him held to a higher standard...I just want him held to the bullshit standard he holds the rest of his soldiers to.