Thursday, November 08, 2012

Q & A

If it's Thursday, it must be time for me to hit you up for questions for this week's Daily Banter mailbag. You know how this works -- I ask you nice people for questions about the election, politics, pop culture, the media, sexual issues, etc. and Bob, Ben and I try to answer them.

Submit your queries via the comment section of this post, Facebook, Twitter DM or e-mail -- the address is to the right -- and maybe you'll see yourself on the pages of the Daily Banter tomorrow morning.

Bring it on.


Mike said...

Do you think social media have (or will) fundamentally changed the way campaigns are run? Facebook offers a venue for quick, cheap bumper stick sloganeering (you know what I'm talking about), but it also gives an opportunity to address the issue immediately and directly. If a friend posted some garbage talking point about gas prices, the economy ,or welfare drug tests, I could immediately fact check them with sources. Granted, it would rarely change that person's mind, but how many of that person's friends see the rebuttal? Do you think that this election will be the last time a campaign is run as cynically as Romney's because of social media changing the way we interact politically?

QuadCityPat said...

if a train leaves brooklyn doing 60MPH... Just kidding. Given the ass thumping that the #GOP took on Tuesday, do any of you see the Limbaugh threat of a genuinely conservative 3rd party as realistic? If that happened would the GOP be more moderate and perhaps legitimately challenge in the future?

Izar Talon said...

Now that his second term is secured and he doesn't have to worry about another election, do you think that President Obama will be more aggressive about getting some Left-leaning or Progressive policies enacted? Or do you think he's not likely to stray any further Left than in his first term? (Taking into account that we all know that Republicans are going to plug their ears, hold their breath, stomp their feet and scream and do everything they can to obstruct anything he tries to to, regardless.)

Anonymous said...

Was Diane Sawyer hammered on election night?