Friday, November 09, 2012

Kelly Grrrl

Today's column for the Daily Banter sends a little bit of love to Megyn Kelly -- who I have to admit redeemed herself somewhat over the past few days.

Here's the opening shot:

I never thought I'd say this but I'm kind of liking Megyn Kelly right about now.

I realize that in the past I've been pretty mean to her, saying that she "comes off like an extravagantly groomed chihuahua who's very angry about being left in somebody's Louis Vuitton handbag for too long" and insulting her mini-spread in GQ magazine, among other often admittedly petty nastiness. I say these things because she really does know how to peg the insufferability meter among Fox News's cadre of interchangeable blondes -- and also because I enjoy being a prick sometimes. But I have to give credit where credit is due: She's willing to turn that look that combines condescension, incredulity and revulsion -- the one that's become her trademark -- on just about anybody, even, apparently, Karl Rove.

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Stephen said...

Think Shep is rubbing off on her or is that too much to ask?

Mart said...

Watched the death march on the Daily Show, surreal. Rove also pissed away hundreds of billions on key Congressional races; and lost them as well. They should just pay more taxes, it would be cheaper than trying to buy the vote.

FOX News political analyst and GOP PAC bundler of billions. Imagine the stink if the Dems had a similar creature. OMG SOROS! causes fainting spells as it is. Thank goodness he is a moran.

CNNfan said...

FOX stands for:

Failed (to make) Obama (an) X-President

That was just a joke, FOX News. Cheer up guys!

warrenbishop said...

I have to disagree with this. I disagree quite strongly. She's expressed a number of vile beliefs over the years (including but not limited to): "It's basically just a food product" talking about students getting pepper sprayed.

She's really a horrible vile person. Maybe not Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham level horrible - but she's pretty bad.

She'll have to do a lot more than just call Karl Rove on obvious b.s. once to redeem herself.