Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Food for No Thought

Today's column for the Daily Banter takes aim at Guy Fieri. And the Food Network.

Here's the opening shot:

"Anyone who’s listened to Bob Cesca and I rail like bitter old guys against the various tyrannies of the world on our podcast knows that there’s one subject besides politics that we bring up over and over again. Something that elicits from us both anger and outrage and which we can’t stop moaning about no matter how hard we try: the Food Network. Granted, it would be easy to take the advice of many wise men and women who came before us and simply change the channel rather than allowing the steady stream of foodie-fellating nonsense unleashed by this one particular network to wash over us, but what fun would that be? I can’t speak entirely for Bob, but I know that there is such a thing as hate-watching — and I know I often do it to the Food Network."

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Matt said...

Seriously, fuck the Food Network. It's jumped into it's TLC downward spiral and Guy Fieri is now it's Honey Boo Boo. I hate it so much now because I used to love it. Mario, Emeril, Alton Fucking Brown, Bobby Flay, Jacques Pepin, even Giada. I know you guys don't like her, but she knows how to cook, plus, you know, boobs. Every one of them could teach you something new. I swear, I learned more from Good Eats than I did working in 4 different restaurants during college. Now it's contests and Triple fucking D. I could even watch that arrogant prick Bobby Flay, because he knows what he's doing. Now you have Cupcake Wars. It's entered it's TLC death spiral. Next up! Cooking for the Duggars! Gary Busey fucks a pot roast! I'll be over here watching Julia Child clips on YouTube.

ZIRGAR said...

On the surface, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives should be an enjoyable show about small local eateries and mom and pop restaurants, but Fieri turns it into an exercise in narcissism. Yeah, it gives exposure to those places, and it seems many would love the added business, but many probably don't, but the real exposure is only going to Fieri, who's just absolutely sickening. I love locally owned eateries, diners and hole-in-the-wall places like what's depicted on the show, I just don't need an infuriatingly idiotic frosted-haired frat boy ape as my tour guide. All apologies to apes.

Stephen said...

I bought a jar of his salsa because there was seemingly nothing better on the shelf that day. It gave me the shits.

PS I'd watch Gary Busey fucks a pot roast...that guy is ratings gold.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I think I would probably pay good money to see Gary Busey fuck a pot roast. Especially if he's bitch slapping the Douché-Emeritus.

I cannot stand and do not watch Fieri. But boy do I love to read the vitriol directed at him. Particularly this article, Chez. I must confess, though, I'm just the slightest bit disappointed you didn't cash in a "Food Network Leftovers" crack in your "...Food Network has delivered over and over again..." paragraph ;)