Thursday, November 15, 2012

Assistant Quote of the Day

"Does the phrase 'Minute to Win It' refer to the process of procuring Donkey Sauce from an aroused donkey?"

-- "Ruth Bourdain," the infamous anonymous blogger whose name is supposedly a combination of Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain, piling on Guy Fieri and asking a question she believes was left out of the scathing New York Times review of his Times Square restaurant

Everyone knows I'd enjoy seeing Fieri die in a grease fire, so I haven't even bothered bringing up the whole rigmarole surrounding the Times review (which is brilliant, by the way). But "Ruth Bourdain's" list of questions is easily the best comment I've seen yet on the review, Fieri's butt-hurt response to it, and the media and food critic feeding frenzy that's resulted.


Anonymous said...

I just love that Guy is whining about elitists while charging $17.50 for a cheeseburger.

Matt said...

I saw a few things online a few years back saying how Ferry was actually a very nice person and that the TV personality was just an act. Looks like he bought into the act. "First you get the sweet, then you get the heat!"

Chez said...

My girlfriend refuses to call him "Fieri" and insists on calling him by his real name, as you did. I just call him "douche."

Matt said...

I remember that you mentioned that in the podcast a while back and was reminded in one of the articles. Started out as Ferry. Changed to Fieri to sound more ethnic. Pronounces it as Fietty for some reason. Whatever he calls himself, he's definitely jumped on the express train to Doucheville. By the way, one of the best comments I've read this week. "Libertarianism is just anarchy for rich people." I thought that summed things up nicely.

ZIRGAR said...

Looks like Fieri doesn't like that he's been classified as a dive.

bafreeman said...

He should partner with Dick Armey. They could form a gay porn mafia: "Buy a ticket to ride the Guy Ferry so you can join the Dick Armey."

CNNfan said...

According to deductive reasoning:

Major premise: Questions are not truth.
Minor premise: The entire Times review is questions.
Conclusion: The entire Times review is not truth.

Interestingly, the newspaper was duped
into publishing an untrue review.