Sunday, October 21, 2012

You Got Served

In addition to the fact that he's funny as hell, keeps the welcome mat out for idiots like me and always has a good supply of kick-ass bourbon he's willing to share, this is why I'm glad to be friends with Drew Curtis -- and why I love

The Huffington Post: Soup Kitchen Facing Donor Backlash Over Paul Ryan Photo Op Gets Help from Fark Fundraising Campaign/10.21.12

Good for Drew and Fark.

And fuck you, Ryan.


QueBarbara said...

Your link goes to a different article, "Fox News Costs Mitt the Debate."

Chez said...

Fixed. I've had so much fucking trouble copying links on the new MacBook.

hamletta said...

I have a MacBook, and I always use Cmd-L, which highlights the address bar in every major browser.

You might want to give directly to the Society, as earmarked campaigns can wind up with one area getting more money than they can spend while other services go begging. That happens a lot with a need that makes a big media splash (e.g., the Haiti earthquake).

And it's definitely the way to go if you want to claim the donation on your taxes.

QueBarbara said...

I meant to include the correct link in my comment. Sorry about that.