Wednesday, October 24, 2012

True Believers

As promised, today's column over at the Daily Banter has to do with Richard "Howling Mad" Mourdock and his BFF, Mitt Romney.

Here's an excerpt:

"Mourdock’s status as one of the new breed of unpolished, ideologically pure Tea Party darlings that have seized the imagination of the right over the past four years — make no mistake, in direct response to the election of Barack Obama — is really what’s at the center of this latest mess for the GOP. He’s like a child. He doesn’t know any better. He just blurts out what’s on his mind. Mourdock’s the picture of unfiltered conservative sincerity. And that’s what allowed him to wipe the floor with longtime Indiana Republican Senator Dick Lugar back in May of this year: the fact that he appeals to the batshit crazy beliefs and superstitions of the base and, upon winning, immediately throws down the eliminationist gauntlet by declaring that his idea of bipartisanship in Washington is 'Democrats coming to the Republican point of view.' The no-longer-fringe right of today eats that crap up like soma."

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That didn't take long at all. Boo-ya.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure I believe the Mitt is one of the true believers. I think that's just the problem -- he has no core beliefs about anything. As such, he'll do the bidding of whatever constituency he needs in the moment.

For some reason my otherwise generally progressive parents voted for him as government of MA. Still can't get an answer out of them why they did. Still won't tell me if they thought he did a good job for them. I don't think he did.