Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The New Normal

Today's column over at the Daily Banter expands on something I wrote about last week: how the overwhelming mass media freak-out immediately following the first presidential debate was almost guaranteed to change the course of the race (and how it has).

Here's an excerpt:

"Here’s the thing: People are fucking stupid. They’re easily led along. Americans especially love a winner and abhor a loser; it’s hard-wired into our psychology. Those who may have been sitting on the sidelines or who had never seen Mitt Romney as president material suddenly looked at him in a new light, all because everyone — whether on TV or at 140-characters at a time — was saying that he’d stood on the stage with the leader of the free world and had taken it to him. It was a game-changer because so many people with a media outlet, whether a giant corporate news megaphone or an internet connection, were saying it was a game-changer. It became, in an instant, a self-fulfilling prophecy."

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TheReaperD said...

I love being born here and living here but, sometimes, I really hate my country. Out gene pool needs more chlorine.