Monday, October 29, 2012

The Engulfed Cathedral

The Empire State Building Shines in the Darkness

Obviously there are a lot of other places besides New York City taking a serious hit from what used to be Hurricane Sandy tonight. But however unfair it may be, there's truth to the argument that the press tends to fixate on any disaster striking New York not only because it's a media hub but because there's something primally unnerving about watching helplessly as some of our nation's grandest manmade achievements are laid waste. We like to think of New York City as a citadel which, through sheer fortitude and attitude, remains impregnable. The reality, though, is that it's anything but.

I spent several years of my life in New York City and I still hold it very dear to my heart. It'll always be like home to me. And tonight I'm keeping my friends, family and all New Yorkers in my thoughts -- along with everyone else, the millions of others, affected by this monster storm.

The FDR at 34th St. Underwater

Flood Waters Come Through the Elevators of the PATH Train

Flooded 148th St. Subway Station

The FDNY and Other First-Responders Search for Flood Victims at 14th St. & Avenue C

A Submerged Parking Garage in Lower Manhattan

The Heavily Toxic Gowanus Canal Overflows Its Banks in Brooklyn

Flood Waters Rush Into Ground Zero

Jane's Carousel Along the East River Underwater

Flood Waters Cover Cars on the Lower East Side

The Front of a Building Falls Off in Chelsea

The Con-Ed Power Plant at 14th St. & the FDR Explodes

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