Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Storm Scourge

Today's column for the Daily Banter is, I admit, a bit of a retread of what I posted here yesterday regarding the GOP's inexplicable demonization of government workers like teachers, police and firefighters -- and how it should be forced to account for that view in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

I expand a little bit on the subject.

Here's a quick excerpt:

"The fact remains that Romney would decimate FEMA if elected — because FEMA is a governmental agency and the government is an intolerable evil to today’s Republicans, an affront to American individualism and personal responsibility that should be put asunder whenever and wherever possible. This overarching article of faith extends well beyond big, robust entities like FEMA, though. These days, Republican ire and derision is aimed not simply at the programs and agencies themselves but at the average people working for them. And that’s why I’m curious that no one has, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, forced Romney, Ryan and the rest of the Republican deficit-hawks and archenemies of government to confront another of their recent public crusades.

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CNNfan said...

Power is back or coming back!
Whew! That was nerve-racking.

Thank GOD, no trees fell on
any of my houses, and
so far no reports of any of
my basements flooding!

Damage assessments may start
once my tenants get back.

Hey Chez, (Hehehe)

Obama must have read your blog
and send me eight thousand of bucks
to become a landlord just to spite you!

So, now all of your guesses: WRONG!
Who needs Mom's basement, when
you got basements of your own?

Ref said...

What? Professional reporters actually dig into a story and report the facts, using readily available quotes from speeches made by candidates within the last two years? What are you smoking? That kind of behavior is only for silly left-wing bloggers...