Monday, October 29, 2012

Reality Check

Cesca is my partner in quite a few internet endeavors these days so it's rare I come right out and push his stuff here because I really don't have to. His piece over at the Daily Banter today, though, is required reading for anyone still trying to take President Obama down from the left -- over drone strikes, the drug war, supposed broken promises, etc. -- and those still thinking that in the current climate and with political reality being what it is, voting for a Gary Johnson or a Jill Stein is a nice little "screw you" to Obama and the two-party system in general.

Bob lays out in detail the reasons why, as trite a cliché as it may sound, a vote against Obama or an abstinence from the process altogether in the name of protest really is a vote for Romney -- and a vote for a disastrous near-future for this country.

I've always felt that those who relentlessly hector Obama from the left and center-left need to come to terms with the idea of "smart accountability" -- namely that you're never going to get a perfect candidate since that's not the way our system works and it's better to have someone in office who for the most part shares your ideals and delivers you political victories, say, 70% of the time than someone who stands in stark contrast to everything you hold dear and will give you nothing you want.

Anyway, take a look at Cesca's piece -- and be sure to circulate it to the pissy, sanctimonious friends on Facebook who continue to browbeat you about how Obama has let them down.

The Daily Banter: Anti-Obama Progressives are Voting for a Romney Disaster/10.29.12


Anonymous said...

I used to give the progressive purists that they were driven by something other than narcissistic stupidity. But watching Sirota, Greenwald et al this week on Twitter, I think they're just nihilists. You can't divorce reality and the reality is Obama is the best chance we've got.

Chez said...

I like the fact that Greenwald no longer clutters up my Salon feed. Now that he's officially become an ex-pat in the professional sense as well as the personal, I get to pretend he doesn't even exist. As for Sirota, I'm still stuck with his serial stupidity over at Salon and every once in a while I've thought about writing something about him but I swear it feels like it's just giving him the attention he craves. And he absolutely does crave it.

JohnF said...

I really dug Bob's article. I especially like how he points out that these arguments are being posited from a privileged white male viewpoint. In other words, the kind of people who have the least to lose from a Romney presidency. John Cusack's still going to be rich and famous no matter who wins.
Women and brown people won't be so lucky.
P.S. I've been trying to post this to my FB for a half hour, but the link's being wonky.

CNNfan said...

Anyone remember the eight thousand
dollar down payment on homes that
President Obama mailed checks to
people for? It looked like one of
those tax return refund checks.

When house prices and mortgage rates
dropped, foreclosures kept rising,
so the bank, it seemed, ran 2for1
sales on fixed rate mortgages.

With previous owners willing to pay
for renovations, and tenants happy
to pay rent, paying mortgages is
like playing a game of monopoly
using real money!

Peter L. Winkler said...

Chez said...

Although I read the whole thing, I basically needed to look no further than your assertion that Obama is somehow the lesser of two evils. I don't see it that way, although you apparently do which means that there's no way anything I say is going to matter to you. I can't change your mind if that's the way you see things nor will I waste my time trying.

Suffice it to say that your argument, while some would argue noble, is wonderfully, comically pie-in-the-sky. I'm glad you can sleep better at night, Peter -- that's why they call it "voting your conscience," I suppose. But political reality is still an issue, whether you choose to ignore it, thumb your nose in its face, what-have-you. Since I've been down this road with people who think the way you do many times before and have said just about all I can say on the subject, I may as well just go ahead and leave it at: good luck with that.