Monday, October 22, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Well Mr. Fischer, if that's the definition of 'the gay gestapo,' then I am a proud, card-carrying member."

-- CNN's Carol Costello, who abruptly ended an interview with homophobic radio host and American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer last week, on comments made by Fischer afterward referring to her as part of the "gay gestapo"

For quite a bit of time, I was Carol Costello's producer in New York. When CNN's Daybreak moved from Atlanta to NYC at the beginning of 2005, really only two people went north: Carol and I. The rest of the staff was in Atlanta and the show was produced there but Carol, myself and the skeleton technical crew were all based out of the Time Warner Center. It was an odd experience, with Carol and me often feeling like we were doing shows from some remote outpost; in a business where there always seems to be somebody looking over your shoulder, it was kind of liberating being left to our own devices most of the time. It was certainly an arrangement that worked well for the kinds of personalities Carol and I were. Basically, we were both strong-willed and opinionated and liked not having to deal with a lot of micromanagement.

Knowing this about Carol, I have no problem at all seeing her refuse to let a brainless asshole like Bryan Fischer steamroll her with a bunch of anti-gay nonsense. And that's what happened during her interview with Fischer: He made the horseshit claim that it's been proven there are health risks associated with homosexuality. What made Carol's decision to shut Fischer down so satisfying is that it's the rare example of a TV journalist not allowing a lie to go unpunished. Fischer's contention that the CDC has warned about the dangers of being gay wasn't simply a case of one guy voicing his opinion and that opinion being "censored" by an unfriendly media outlet -- it was a guy trying to pass off fiction as fact, more junk science from a group of people for whom there appears to be no other kind. Like Todd Akin, Bryan Fischer just makes up biology lessons as he goes and throws it all out into the ether, helping to further belief in what's essentially crap.

Carol did the right thing by not letting him get away with it. And for that -- for not allowing a lie to be cast as the truth on a national news network -- Fischer of course insulted her, calling her a member of the gay gestapo. But as Carol says, that's not really much of an insult.

Besides, I'm betting the gay gestapo would have spectacular uniforms.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a better question is why CNN even has these idiots on in the first place. They won't bring on progressive voice but crazy extremist homophobes right wing ranters -- oh, yeah, bring us more of that.

Matt said...

I have no fashion sense, so I would be happy to have the gay gestapo telling me how to dress.