Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"What you are going to see over the next week is an overt effort by Democrats to politicize the issue of disaster response. They’re right to do it. Conservatives are already complaining about this, but the attempt to wall disaster response off from politics in the aftermath of a disaster is an attempt to insulate Republicans from the consequences of their policies... The GOP is the party arguing for splurging on a long vacation at the beach rather than repairing the roof. Naturally, they want to have this argument only when it’s sunny and never when it’s raining. There’s no reason to accommodate them."

-- New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait on why it's essential for the Democrats to use Hurricane Sandy to point out the political differences between President Obama and Mitt Romney

I'm not sure I can add anything to that.


Mart said...

Public sector employees are the only ones left with unions, good health insurance and defined retirement benefits. This was the deal they made for lower pay than the private sector. And it makes them scum to be dealt with by the GOP.

ZIRGAR said...

Again, amen!

Marc McKenzie said...

Let 'em politicize it. Remember Bush's lack of action? Yeah.

At least THIS President is on top of things and giving a shit. And if "left"-leaning assholes like Greenwald, Stoller, Lindorff or Whitney can't see this, then they deserve a swift boot to the goddamned head.

I'm in Jersey, and it is a crazy scene out here. Knowing that these GOP dickheads have constantly pushed against actions to strengthen FEMA and disaster relief--and seeing the media refusing to call them out or hold their feet tithe fire--really pisses me off. Fuck 'em.