Thursday, October 04, 2012

Q & A

Just a reminder that since I'm curating the Daily Banter mailbag these days, it's time once again to troll you guys for questions.

You know how it works: If you've got something you want to ask Bob, Ben and me about politics, the media, pop culture or your horrific deviant sex problems, we're all ears.

Just submit your questions via e-mail -- my address is on the right -- or through Facebook or the comment section here.

We're ready to believe you.


JohnF said...

No job is too big.
No fee is too big.

Alan F said...

What the heck is that little dark blob in the middle of Mitt Romneys flag lapel pin? I've not been able zoom in well enough to tell.

CNNfan said...

Bob, Ben and Chez... Without in any way trying
to indirectly diminish Romney's big victory
in the first presidential debate, asked solely
in terms of debate strategy, and what it
may mean in the remaining debates, do
you think Obama may have let Romney win
the first round?