Friday, October 19, 2012

Pants on Fire

Today's column for the Daily Banter takes a look at an idea whose time hasn't come and never will.

Here's the opening shot:

"I realize that I’m fast becoming this site’s resident miserable bastard, devoid of all passion for political discourse and oozing nothing but contempt for the entire process, but can anybody really blame me at this point? If you want to know why I’ve all but given up on trying to effect real change through thoughtful analysis and dialog — why I think our country is politically broken beyond repair — you need look no further than this: Glenn Beck is now selling his own line of jeans. Glenn Beck. Jeans. I shit you not. If the official motto for these things isn’t 'Because It Takes an Ass To Know Jeans' I’m crawling into my bathtub and dragging in a hair dryer."

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Alice said...

I had to check out the 1791 website, out of sheer morbid curiosity.

The jeans are sold out, albeit temporarily. Sold. Out.

There are no words, Chez. Is this the part where we cry or what?

CNNfan said...

Gloria Vanderbilt chatted on Anderson Cooper's
daytime talk TV show that a pair of her brand
name jeans blasted off on a spaceship to
help tell any alien civilizations about us.

I was going to make a joke about blasting Beck
into outer-space wearing a pair of his brand
name jeans. But then I thought, why not
"Deus Ex Malcontent" name brand jeans?

Busayo said...

@ Alice: I think this is the part where we drink. Assuming you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

i would guess those jeans have a roomy ass.