Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Listening Post

I'd call this single new, however it's really anything but.

By now, the recording of what was supposed to be My Chemical Romance's fourth record is the stuff of minor rock and roll legend. Following The Black Parade, the band went into the studio with Brendan O'Brien to begin recording what they'd humbly dubbed their "best album yet." They put the entire thing together, then frontman Gerard Way had one of his legendary epiphanies and decided to scrap the whole thing and go back into the studio with a different producer. The result was the band's last album, Danger Days, which had moments of brilliance but was overall a bit of a let-down.

Well, now they've decided to release that previously unreleased "scrapped album" a little at a time. The first two songs from what will eventually be called Conventional Weapons hit iTunes today.

Here's the lead-off track -- Boy Division


Anonymous said...

That was an extraordinary song. I enjoyed Danger Days alot (particularly SCARECROW) but this song is really awesome. Thanks for raising awareness about it.

Chez said...

So far "Conventional Weapons" sounds like the record they should've just gone with in the first place. This is a great, great, GREAT fucking song.