Tuesday, October 23, 2012


One of the most inadvertently amusing ongoing memes in media involves the always inadvertently amusing Piers Morgan. Every so often, Morgan decides to exercise his imperial privilege as a CNN host and decree that someone is "banned" from ever appearing on his nightly show. Right now that list includes Madonna, Kelsey Grammer, and Cherie Blair, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. In other words, given that his show is a low-rated dud hosted by a third-rate international punchline, Morgan choosing to publicly tell these people they can't be on it is like me declaring that Mila Kunis is not, under any circumstances, allowed to perform oral sex on me. He may as well be saying, "You can't fire me -- I quit!"

On that subject, I'd really like to know why CNN continues to keep Morgan around. First of all, he was one of the final bad decisions of the bad decision machine that was former CNN U.S. President Jon Klein, and it's become obvious to everyone that Klein's stewardship and ongoing influence is burning the once-great network to the ground from the inside out. Second, there's the continuing controversy over Morgan's role in the phone and e-mail hacking scandal that shuttered News of the World, led to several arrests and resignations, and generally turned Murdoch's media empire upside down overseas.

Now, guess what? Morgan's under fire again.

The Huffington Post: Piers Morgan Faces New Phone Hacking Claims/10.22.12

Morgan's a cancer at CNN. He's all cost and no benefit. Fire him, for Christ's sake.


Matt said...

I was listening to the After Party and the part about why these morons cheat and think they won't get caught made me remember a quote from Bill Gates. "Success is a menace. It fools smart people into thinking they can't lose." I think this could apply not only to them getting caught, but also to so many things right now. It would explain the befuddlement and anger from the Romney's on why people aren't just giving them what they want.

CNNfan said...

Ha! "The pot calling the kettle black.", claims this
Deusexmalcontent memeber, banned for the false
assumption of being CNN's President.

Chez said,

"I'll make this quick, Tom.
I've done my best to ignore you, figuring you'll
go away if I don't give you the attention you're
craving. Obviously that's not the case. I'm
responding to you this time around because, more
than ever, you have absolutely no idea what the
hell you're talking about. None. You're in no
position to offer advice to Miles O'Brien, the
recently laid-off tech staff, or anyone else at CNN
for that matter. Why? Because once again, you
have no idea what you're talking about. I realize
you think that because you shelled out money for a
domain name and submitted a question on CNN's
YouTube debate that you're some sort of integral
and beloved part of the CNN universe, but trust me
-- you're not. You're a groupie -- nothing more.

Normally there wouldn't be anything
overwhelmingly awful about this; the petty
obsessions that, I'd have to assume, give your life
meaning don't concern me one bit. But the fact is
that you're commenting on a serious subject that --
once again for the cheap seats -- you know nothing
about. You have no idea what goes on behind the
scenes at CNN. You've never worked there and
never will and therefore can't speak from any
position of authority. Your opinion is worthless
and, to be honest, offensive when you're tossing
out silly platitudes to a group of people who've just
lost their jobs. It's laughable that you can't see the
affect that dismissing the entire Science and
Technology Unit will have on CNN's ability to
practice journalism. It's equally laughable that you
hold CNN in such high esteem when its
management cares nothing for those working
within the network's ranks. Actually, let me
rephrase that: It would be laughable if your opinion
mattered one way or the other. It doesn't.
I'm not printing your comments on my site because
I see no reason to give you an audience. And please
stop sending me e-mails; I'll delete them on sight
so all you'll be doing is wasting your time.
Feel free to publish this if you want. I honestly
couldn't care less."

Chez, you may be a news professional, but fans
may still teach you so much about fans. One thing
I've learned about studying fandom while
managing an online community for CNNfans, is
that fans really enjoy diversity among fans, and are
always very curious about what other news
network fans like the most about their favorite
news network. I promise you, that makes for
interesting discussion, which welcomes all fans of
all the news networks, including CNN, FOX News,
MSNBC, BBC, and any number of other
news networks.

The CNNfan community launched
before facebook and twitter, according to
Wikipedia, at about the same time as MySpace,
and we have outlasted the FOXfan community, but
FOXfans are always been welcome with us.

Piers Morgan has provided the impossible for CNN
by successfully and stylishly taking over for one of the
network's greatest news icons. However, as a
CNNfan, what interests me... What I am most
focused on, is fan reactions. I watch fans, watching
the news. And, I have found that Piers
Morgan has cross news network fan appeal,
which is something, I think, he brings that
is unique to CNN. For example, I have noticed that
fans of other networks, such as FOX News and
MSNBC, don't change channels when he is on.
Instead, they just naturally continue watching.
CNN may face some challenges, but Piers is an
example of CNN meeting a major challenge, and I
hope they keep doing that.

Chez said...

Wow. Apparently it's one of those mania days for you, Tom. Let me know when you swing back to being depressed.

Anonymous said...

I thought this post would be about that Jimmy Saville scandal going on in the U.K.

CNNfan said...

All Right Chez... I will admit that
"take your meds" type punchline is a classic.
But, what else you got?

Here is what I've got, a quote emailed to me in
2004 from Next@CNN,

"all of the Next@CNN staff, including executive
producer (Peter Dykstra) has expressed delight
in hearing of your interest. They will be happy
to keep the lines of communication open with you
on any site

That was almost nine years of fandom ago.
Sorry to throw a monkey wrench in
your rant about the SciTech unit.

Ernest.Hirsch said...

All this time that CNNfan has been commenting on this site, I thought it was a farce, or some sort of inside-joke satire, where I wasn't on the inside enough to understand.

You're a real person? Jesus. What color is the holographic sky in your world?