Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Chuck Off

Today's column at the Daily Banter has to do with Chuck Todd's weekend freak-out over the number of baseless conspiracy theories that have been willfully injected into the political bloodstream throughout the Obama years.

Here's the opening shot:

"When it comes to the not-so-subtle art of spinning tantalizing link-bait out of thin air nobody’s better — and by better I mean more shameless — than the Huffington Post. God bless them, they really know how to get you to point-and-click against all better judgment, whether by offering the promise of sideboob or simply throwing up a teaser headline as nebulous but undeniable as 'HE SAID WHAT?!' So with that in mind there was no way I could resist something in HuffPo that implored me to 'Watch Chuck Todd’s Emotional Plea,' one which had apparently happened this past Sunday on NBC’s 'Meet the Press.'"

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alopecia said...

Shorter Chuck Todd (and the rest of the political press): Please, please, I beg of you, stop making me have to do my job!

Once again, I say the problem is Todd's face mullet. Those things make you lazy and stupid.